The Eiffel Tower Crisis You’ve Never Heard Of

Photo by Lucas Albuquerque on Unsplash

The Eiffel Tower was the main exhibit of the 1889 World’s Fair which was held in Paris. After winning, locals in 1887 were not pleased by having a gigantic metal tower looming over their gorgeous houses. Of course, this seems silly today considering how much tourists the tower attracts each year but having a metal structure higher than anything ever built at the time seemed quite useless.

However, you would think that all the money generated in sales and merchandising would be all in the hands of the French. You are wrong. Other cities have joined in on this too by building their own Eiffel Towers and causing an Eiffel Tower Crisis.

The first Eiffel Tower replica was built in Prague just two years after the completion of the original in Paris. The replica in Prague is called the Petrin Tower. It sits on Petrin Hill and has 299 unwalkable steps to get to the observatory on the top, although the views from Petrin are truly magnificent.

Four decades after the completion of the original, another early replica was erected in Germany. The building called the Funkturm was designed in Berlin by architect Heinrich Straumer in 1926. However, not all of the nearly fifty Eiffel Tower replicas were built outside France. In the French city of Lyon, the Metallic Tower of Fourviere had its international debut at the Exposition Universelle in 1914.

Using the funds of a billionaire in Romania another Eiffel Tower was built; this one 75 kilometers from Bucharest in the city of Slobozia. The Tower sits in a private park with a replica of a Dallas ranch beside the saltwater Amara lake which is said to have healing powers. In the neighborhood called Little Paris by Bulgarians in their capital Sofia, their 106 foot Eiffel Tower even has a restaurant.

Outside Athens, in a little Greek town there sits an Eiffel Tower designed by the great sculptor Harris Fournarakkis. Perhaps the only Eiffel Tower in Africa, the city of Fes in Morocco features an Eiffel Tower, “to symbolize the friendship between France and Morocco.” Although all of the fifty Eiffel Towers are somehow different despite being all Eiffel Towers, the Eiffel Tower in Guatemala is truly unique. First of all, the tower which is located in Guatemala City and called Torre del Reformador is exceptionally tall but also located just above the main street meaning one could walk or drive through the Eiffel Tower; a truly unique experience.

In Mexico, east of Monterrey, their Eiffel Tower is only one-sixth of the size of the original in Paris. The United States has several of its own Eiffel Towers and is even home to one of the few exact replicas. Although red, the tower in Las Vegas is exactly proportionate to the tower in Paris, and “the strip would be incomplete without it.”

The town of Paris, Texas is unique not just because it’s the Paris outside Paris but also because it’s the Paris outside Paris with a cowboy hat and plus it even has an Eiffel Tower. Disney World in Florida has its own tower in Epcot Bay as does Bolivia’s capital Sucre although its tower is not as epic as Guatemala’s or Vegas’.

In Australia, the city of Sydney features a white version of the Eiffel Tower completed in 1939 which sits atop a tall brick building. In Lahore, Pakistan’s largest city, their Eiffel Tower bears a striking resemblance to the original and is even lit up at night. In Tokyo, the Japanese Eiffel Tower completed in 1958, is similar to the one in Las Vegas, all-red, but is unique because it is 1,000 feet taller than the original. Japan is also home to an exact replica of The Statue of Liberty which is one of Tokyo’s iconic destinations.

In China, outside Hong Kong, in the city of Shenzhen, their Eiffel Tower is situated in a theme park similar to Florida’s tower. Saved for last the city of Tianducheng, not only replicated The Eiffel Tower but this city in China’s east built in 2007 also replicated all of Paris. All the Parisian buildings, yes, they are all here. China also has a replica of London somewhere. These two cities are famous in the country and attract couples for wedding photos who can’t afford to travel to Europe for their honeymoon.