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How do you advertise your business?

How do you advertise your business? Today, business owners face a host of challenges when they think about marketing. The question itself presents many possibilities, it has many interpretations. Let’s start with what advertising is. Advertising is both an art form and a science — a way of presenting your products and services to prospective customers. It is the storefront of your brand and the way your customers will remember who you are.

The most common way people will hear about your business is through word of mouth. Word of mouth is when one of your customers tells their friends…

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Vinacafe is the most popular coffee company in Vietnam, with a long history. The company is an affiliate of Vietnam National Coffee Corporation, a state-owned firm based in Hanoi. The company was founded by a French engineer in 1969, with the goal of exporting Vietnamese-made coffee to France. In the 1990s, Vinacafe fell under government control.

The company is known for its many coffee products such as filters and instant coffee. However, Vinacafe isn’t also known for its local products as 70% of its products are sold abroad.

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The coffee is…

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The Tatar people are Russia’s second-largest ethnic group, with their homeland located in Tatarstan, a region of Russia near the border with Kazakhstan. Russia is home to more than 5 million ethnic Tatars, with countries like Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Turkey, also being home to a large Tatar population.

The Tatar people see their origins in Northern China in the lands of the Gobi Desert. Ancient Tatars shared close links with Ancient China and Mongolia, but are considered a Turkic ethnic group.

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The Tatar people arrived in Russia through Central Asia…

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The Rocket Festival, also known as Boun Bang Fai, is one of the main festivals in Laos. Boun Bang Fai is a call for rain and a celebration of good harvest, that takes place during the sixth month of the lunar calendar. During the festival, crowds fire rockets into the air to ask the God of Rain for a good growing season, free from pests and drought.

The rockets, although of mid-size, are thoroughly decorated before the firing starts. Onlookers gather around the group doing the rocket-firing, sometimes, in traditional clothes but often dressed plainly, although colorfully. Some of the…

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Today, Tripetta released the Tripetta News Aggregator, which is a news aggregator website developed by Tripetta News that aims to connect quality multimedia with consumers. Having started with only a few stories compiled from sources like the LA Times, ABC News, and Russia Today, the Tripetta News Aggregator offers a non-partisan perspective on our world that no other news aggregators offer.

We provide stories that build on what matters today; coronavirus news, vaccine news, and natural disasters. We strictly regulate political news to only show content that does not include offensive and inappropriate comments and is concrete, verified, and tangible.

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Although global travel has come to a halt, many travelers find themselves looking for a bit of novelty. One new web tool that is making finding this novelty easier than ever is the country explorer tool, Tripetta Souvenirs, that allows you to explore what souvenirs to buy based on the destination you are visiting. In this article, we will go step-by-step on how to use Tripetta Souvenirs to find the perfect souvenir for you.

Step One

Your first step is to visit the official Tripetta website:

Step Two

In the green navigation menu with icons located below the text which reads, “Shaped by…

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Although global travel has come to a halt, it is never late to start planning your perfect post-pandemic trip. Whether you are a beach-lover, skier, snowboarder, or surfer, you’ll need to know a thing or two about visas and passports before you take off! Luckily, Tripetta’s new tool called Visavo, makes getting a list of places you can travel without a visa; free and easy.

The first step is to head over to

Once there, your page should look something like this:

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash, the new Tripetta website, is attracting new international faces to visit Russia. Launched about two weeks ago, has already released a substantial number of Russia travel guides as well as picked up a large percentage of users from Russian-speaking countries.

Examples would be the quite popular Russia travel guide:, as well as individual city travel guides such as those for Moscow:, and for St. Petersburg:

So what are Tripetta’s future plans for Russia? We recently launched our first services in the Russian language just last week, and a version of the …

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Hawaii’s oldest building, the Hawaiian Mission Houses, are a controversial symbol of what happened in Oahu in the 19th century and how a few missionaries of English and American origin, built business empires that shaped every aspect of life on the Hawaiian Islands.

The first mission house was built in Oahu in 1821 with materials brought to Hawaii, via Cape Horn, from Boston. The houses were built in New England-style, accounting for the climate the missionaries had experienced back home.

The first of the mission houses was occupied by the Chamberlain family, although, other missionary families also lived in the…

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Earlier today, superstorm Goni departed the Philippines and is now heading by way of the South China (East Vietnam) Sea to the shores of East Vietnam. In the Philippines, Goni has already been classified as the strongest storm of 2020 and has killed more than twenty people. Three are missing. Rescue efforts are currently underway.

It is unknown if Goni will have the same impact when the storm will hit north-central Vietnam or if it will continue its path westward, potentially moving even further into Southeast Asia.

The US Weather Service has classified the storm as a Category 5 Hurricane…


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